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Blue Note - Dresden

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"In his songs the words are dense with poetry and strength, skilfully fashioned into music one can easily find connection to."
Martin Bernklau, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

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"The voice is smokey... sovereign... accompanied by acoustic guitar, and in two songs the magic of the lap slide guitar... one does not need more for a perfect evening."
Beate Baum, Dresdner Neueste Nachricht, Germany

"His music is evocative and profound and his voice has a quality that speaks to the deepest, inner-most secret space within us all..."
Sean Trethaway, Seando's Living Lounge, Noosa Community Radio

"A beautiful collection of folk-pop… worth playing every day..."
Inside Track - The CD Buyers' Guide (Breathe)

"Fogarty's debut album, Breathe, is a cracker. It's brilliant."
Rob Maitland, 4NSA Radio, Noosa

"Fogarty has been wowing audiences (and other singer-songwriters) on the Sunshine Coast and is in demand."
Sunshine Coast Daily:(Stagefright)

"Fogarty really touches the listener, pulling the heart strings and involving you in the tale. However when he moves away from that he shows even greater ability..."
Sunshine Coast Entertainer (Stagefright)

Stagefright is "sensitive beautiful folk music from the heart that's always the right stuff to play."
Noosa News Entertainer

"...these potent lyrics and beautiful voice have helped create my new favourite album, Paul Fogarty's Stagefright."
Wartburg Festival Review

"Fogarty doesn't need to hide his own material behind the big stars. Songs like the exciting "Jesus Knows", the beautiful "Stagefright" (title song of his second CD) or the bitter-melancholic "Small Town Ways" were highlights in the concert."
Konstanz Sudkurier (translation)

ABC Radio Illawarra, The Little Gig, Wollongong

"Stop whatever you're doing for the next five minutes. Do yourself a favour, sit yourself down, and have a listen to this song from the Coast FM Album of the Week. It's Paul Fogarty and "Goodbye and Good Luck."
ABC Radio Coast FM, Gold Coast

"Beautiful stuff. Paul Fogarty live on ABC Coast FM. That is poignant, beautiful, fabulous."
ABC Radio Coast FM, Sunshine Coast

"Fogarty is already a legend in his neck of the woods on Queensland's Sunshine Coast."
Beat Magazine, Melbourne

"The release of Paul Fogarty's forthcoming album will see him join a list of exciting, acoustic-based, singer-songwriters (think Damien Rice, David Gray, James Blunt) who have taken the world by storm. Fogarty's heart-warming and thought-provoking tales of modern life are complimented superbly by his mellow yet highly emotive vocal delivery. Equal parts acoustic pop, folk and, on occasions, country ..."
Revenge Records, Sydney

"Der gebürtige Australier Paul Fogarty ist gelernter Journalist, inzwischen jedoch zum Profimusiker konvertiert. Der Liebe wegen zog es ihn von Noosa (Australien) ins Schwabenland und das hoert man seinen gefühlvollen Songs auch an. Eine Stimme die fesselt, für Gänsehaut sorgt und kleinen Vergleich zu den ganz grossen Namen scheuen muss."
Gmünder Tagespost
(TRANSLATION: The Australian Paul Fogarty is a qualified journalist, in the meantime, nevertheless, evolved into a professional musician. Love pulled him out of Noosa (Australia) to Baden Württemberg and one can even hear this in his soulful songs. His voice gives one goose bumps and does not need to avoid comparison to the completely big names.")

Quotes from Family and Friends

"Them chickens ain't been fed yet..."
His mother
"When's he due back, ya think?"
His girlfriend
"He drove me to drink..."
His therapist
"I'm sorry I'm not in right now. Leave a message after the beep..."
His manager

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